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Growing an eCommerce business ain’t easy!

You’ve landed here because you’re struggling to achieve the growth you want, and we feel you, growing an eCommerce business requires so many damn hats, it’s not easy. It can be seriously deflating watching your business become stagnant despite pouring every waking moment into pushing it forward. The stress and sleepless nights coupled with doubt around whether the business is ever going to get there is an entrepreneur's worst nightmare.

You’ve got the dream to scale, but it’s just not there ... Yet.

You’ve either tried working with an agency or freelancer who hasn’t been able to meet your expectations, or you’re trying to run your own digital marketing but know it’s not performing as well as it should. Finding the right growth partner is a huge challenge, which is why we take it so seriously and offer Kickstart Calls free of charge, so you can see us in action from the get-go and quickly understand whether we’re the right fit for your business.

We may not be the biggest agency around, but we sure do pack a mighty punch! And we limit the number of clients that we work with to ensure that our senior team has ample time to help every single client's business thrive. When you work with ZOOLOGIC you’re working with a team that lives and breathes eCommerce marketing for Shopify stores, and we've got the partnerships to back it up ...

Innovation CampusHayley Rodd, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

The team have continually impressed me with their ability to meet deadlines, exceed expectations and deliver campaigns that are engaging and continually optimised to deliver the best results. I believe that the recent success of SmartSpace is due largely to the terrific work of ZOOLOGIC. The ZOOLOGIC team’s professional acumen and knowledge of digital media, automation, asset development and reporting and optimisation has been immensely valuable to the UOW Innovation Campus.

BlueScope Building ComponentsBlake Tasker, Marketing Manager

A shift away from the softer metrics has been enlightening, and the ability of the ZOOLOGIC team to articulate these observations, insights and opportunities in a manner that’s digestible for our internal and external stakeholders is highly valued. The team have high energy, are transparent and forthcoming with ideas and advice and add a specialist skillset that we have found difficult to find from other agencies. They are a pleasure to work with and I have confidence in recommending them to any organisation seeking to really drive performance with their digital media and automation budgets.

LBPRLisa Burling, Managing Director

I have great confidence in recommending ZOOLOGIC to any business that is considering digital marketing. For one of our clients, seeing them transition to a targeted, focused digital marketing approach is delivering solid performance, and the client couldn’t be happier with the attributed business results. ZOOLOGIC’s strategic mindset and critical thinking ensures the best possible chance of success for their clients, and when coupled with their sophisticated usage of digital marketing technology, campaign performance is pushed to its limits. The ZOOLOGIC team operate with a sense of urgency by default and are always more than happy to support however we need.

ISPAKristin Knight, Director

From the very first phone call, we realised that we had found a perfect match in Kelli and the ZOOLOGIC team. We had very limited knowledge of the digital marketing world and were so grateful to have Kelli, Matt and the ZOOLOGIC team leading and educating us along the way. The team has been incredibly proactive and ingenious in helping us achieve our marketing needs and goals within our budget. Talented, professional, approachable and intuitive - ZOOLOGIC is an amazing team! Highly recommended!

FieldersLouise Brunyee, National Marketing Coordinator

The team at ZOOLOGIC provide a service and skill set that’s helped drive our digital marketing strategy to new levels. Month on month, we are able to justify a ROI and you can always rely on Kelli and the team to suggest innovative solutions to strengthen our position that helps us differentiate from the competition. I cannot recommend Zoologic highly enough! They deal with all the complexities and intricacies of digital marketing whilst delivering tangible results. ZOOLOGIC support digital marketing efforts for Fielders Centenary and Fielders Endurance.

The Energy ExpertsWes Green, Owner

ZOOLOGIC have been invaluable in transforming our lead generation, lead management and customer management processes, into a high-performing solution for our business. The team has consistently gone above and beyond in their advice and in providing executional support; something that is all too rare with agencies. For those businesses who need to generate and convert more opportunities, without a doubt, ZOOLOGIC are the best people for the job.

Latest Case Studies

How we more than quadrupled (449%!) The Candle Kitchen’s order volume with $0.00 in ad spend

When The Candle Kitchen first stepped through our virtual doors they were looking to take their Shopify store to the next level. The issue was that their store wasn’t optimised to profitably scale. We took on the challenge, worked some ZOOLOGIC magic, and were able to scale their business without spending a cent on ads.


The Candle Kitchen had the ambition to grow, but at an average conversion rate of 1.63% and small AOV (average order value), running ads was the last thing they needed to focus on. They needed a plan to optimise their store to profitably scale before even thinking about running ads.


We came up with a plan to optimise and scale their Shopify store without wasting money on ads.

We identified the barriers that were hindering their growth, put together a suite of solutions that included welcome offers, social proof, bundle packs, cross-sells and up-sells, and…

A marketing automation setup that unlocked a broad range of opportunities for the client to be able to scale.


Increased Conversion Rate


Quadrupled order volume


Improved Add To Cart rate

How we prepared Seaholly Flowers to profitably scale

When Seaholly first came to us, they were struggling to scale their business. Their marketing results were flat, they were unable to grow market share, and they were spending too much time trying to fix their ads and not enough time working on their business. They had hit a brick wall… until they came to ZOOLOGIC.

In just 5 short months we were able to completely restructure Seaholly’s marketing strategy, overhaul their digital media approach to unlock scale, boost their order volume, increase sales, and put them on the path to future growth and expansion.


Seaholly was facing two real problems…

They wanted to scale their Shopify business, but both their time and marketing budgets were maxed out with little to show for it. They needed a solution that would both increase sales and free up their time to work on their business rather than being stuck trying to figure out their marketing — A common Shopify store problem we see all too often.


We went to work and restructured their marketing campaign to fix the inefficiencies.

We deployed a scaling strategy that implemented new technologies to increase CLV and drive repeat purchase, utilised Google’s enterprise search platform, Search Ads 360, to deploy a formula-based conversion metric to optimise against a ratio of add-to-carts and transactions, resulting in an improved search ROAS, and we put Facebook to work, uncovering a wealth of opportunities on the platform to find new customers.


SEM Order Growth


Increase in order volume


Cart Recovery ROAS

Our Approach to Scaling your eCommerce Business

Kickstart Call

Let’s sit down, take a look at your business, products and marketing, and put together a quick-wins action plan to kickstart your results.

This simple approach will allow you to experience what ZOOLOGIC is made of first-hand right from the first interaction, so you can quickly determine whether we are the right fit for each other.

Strategic Planning

Using everything gathered during the health check, our planning process establishes an order of priorities in-line with your objectives and budget.

Store Optimisation

Essential optimisation work is undertaken to get more shoppers, purchasing more from your store, more often, to prepare your business for scale.

In-Market Testing

With optimisation efforts underway, the ZOOLOGIC team deploys real-time dashboards to keep our finger on the pulse across all performance metrics to inform what’s working for your store, and where key opportunities lie.


Now that we’re marketing effectively and understand your required growth curve based on available inventory and cashflow, we are ready to gradually increase ad spend to scale towards your growth objective.

eCommerce Marketing Services

We offer a powerful combination of digital advertising and store optimisation services to help Shopify businesses profitably scale, by improving their return on ad spend.

Social Media Advertising

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Pinterest Advertising
  • TikTok Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising

Search Engine Marketing

  • eCommerce SEM
  • Google Merchant Center Integration
  • Shopper Campaigns
  • Dynamic Remarketing

Programmatic Advertising

  • Programmatic Display (Website banner ads, Dynamic ads)
  • Programmatic Native (Recommended for you ads)
  • Programmatic Video (Pre-roll, Catch-up TV, YouTube TrueView)
  • Programmatic Out of Home (Digital outdoor screens)
  • Programmatic Audio (Spotify, Podcasts)

Marketing Automation

  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • Bulk EDMs
  • Welcome offer
  • Browse / Cart / Order Abandonment
  • Reviews (Video / Photo / Text)
  • Referral Marketing
  • Repeat Purchase Reminder
  • System Integrations
  • Cross-sell/Up-sell
  • Bundles & Gifting

Advertising & Automation Design

  • Campaign Concepts
  • Social Ads
  • Search Engine Ads
  • Programmatic Ads
  • Triggered & Bulk Emails
  • Landing Pages

Kick into gear.

Our kickstart call will identify some quick wins to get the right people to your store, check out your offer, and make their first purchase. Alternative if we don’t think we can help, we’ll tell you why and suggest some next steps. No BS. No hard sell.

To get the ball rolling simply click the button below and choose a day/time that suits you.

Alternatively, feel free to reach out with any questions that you have using the enquiry form to the right, and we will ensure to respond to you within 1 business day.


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