Achieve breakthrough conversion rates

Translate your marketing communications into sales and run your conversion processes on auto-pilot with custom-built marketing automation and sales automation solutions

Investing in communications without an active engagement and conversion solution?

Marketers and agencies work incredibly hard to execute the trusty ‘aim, spray and pray’ approach to communications, however translating those efforts into leads and customers can be a challenge, so marketing investment can unintentionally be money thrown down the drain.

Our job starts where marketing communications end; we develop marketing automation, sales automation, and customer workflow automation solutions that run 24/7 to increase conversions and streamline customer processes, saving your business a motherloving amount of time. Our trading desk can also manage your digital media buying needs for a truly holistic conversion machine.

If your standing on the edge right now you have three options – dive in the deep end and kick butt, dunk your head into the water to see what lies beneath, or sit in the baby pool and eventually get left behind.

Without a custom automation solution …

Sweating bullets generating visits, impressions, clicks, and likes, and hoping this will convert into business results.

With a custom automation solution …

Confidently deliver business results by turning your marketing communications efforts into leads and customers.

The potential of marketing automation can't be ignored

At ZOOLOGIC we pour blood sweat & tears into translating marketing communications into results (customers, revenue, donations, enquiries, quotes, and anything else that may float your business’ boat). Across all industries the average conversion rate is a mere 2.35%, meaning that 97% of website visitors disappear without a trace.

That’s a fire truckin’ load of opportunities and effort gone to waste. ZOOLOGIC can help your business identify and close the customer journey gaps to achieve breakthrough conversion rates.

ZOOLOGIC - The digital marketing conversion experts

Unlike marketing communication agencies that focus on getting the word out, ZOOLOGIC build B2B and B2C automation solutions that turn those communications into something more meaningful. We dig into your businesses issues and opportunities to formulate a sound automation architecture.

Then once you and your team are excited by the approach our automation specialists get to work building your custom solution. Post-launch, ZOOLOGIC can help to manage your automation system and leverage the wealth of insights to improve your marketing and sales performance over time.


Automation strategy & architecture

Designed to identify your customer journey gaps and opportunities, our automation strategy & architecture includes a schematic to help you and the team review and input on the future state to ensure that it meets your business needs.

Marketing automation implementation

Our end-to-end custom marketing automation implementation service will ensure the identified gaps and opportunities are solved, which could include programming to solve challenges unique to your business, as well as systems engineering to integrate with your existing technology stack.

Sales automation implementation

Marketing without sales is like driving a car without wheels, the engine works but the machine struggles to make progress . That’s why ZOOLOGIC’s automation solutions typically involve sales automation to help streamline processes, improve engagement, and achieve more conversions.

Marketing asset development

To deliver a motivating & distinctive brand proposition to your target, ZOOLOGIC can support with the design and delivery of a range of assets including copywriting, design, digital media assets (including rich media and HTML5), and landing page development.

Digital media buying

Given banner blindness is rife we focus on maximising impact to drive more conversions. Our trading desk solution includes Programmatic Display (incl. rich media & HTML5), Social, Search, Video, Native, Audio, Programmatic Outdoor, Programmatic TV, Retargeting, and Direct (Email, SMS, Physical Assets).

Business intelligence & optimisation

Optimisation is essential to improving performance over time, so with your very own customised business intelligence platform instance implemented by ZOOLOGIC you can monitor performance and leverage the available data in real-time, and ZOOLOGIC will continue identifying opportunities, adjusting your digital marketing solution, and recommending additional opportunities to strive towards your objectives.

Not sure what this all means for your business but think it could be of value?


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